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Everyone makes bad decisions, right? But let's be honest, those make you who you are. 

Comedian Robyn Perkins (English Comedian of the Year Finalist) uses a series of hilarious anecdotes, family stories and even some neuroscience to make a well thought out decision for a random audience member. Its a fun and upbeat journey, leading to a decision which could change someone's life. Don't miss this show about why we make the decisions we do, and whether we can decide to be happy.  

Last year,  the 45 min WIP show was reviewed by VOICE MAGAZINE and received 4 stars. Read the whole review HERE

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EDINBURGH FRINGE: Laugh Train Home Showcase

Ushers, 2:30-3:30PM, Every Day!

For five years running, the best Fringe comics come together for this premier comedy showcase. Every night features different four/five-star comics, making it the best guide for who to see in Edinburgh (or stand-alone show).
Free Ticketed. Which means reserve a space online, or hope there is space on the day. Both free options. 


RObyn Perkins [is a] work in progress

Bound and Gagged's AAA STand-up Late

5-31 August, 2015, 23:00, 33 Pleasance Courtyard

Over It: Death, Anorexia and Other Funny Things

A positive and inspiring show exploring sensitive topics which are normally swept under the carpet.

Dave Chawner, a straight male, takes a satirical look into his anorexic past in order to raise awareness of eating disorders and to get people talking about positive body image. Robyn Perkins recounts the unexpected, ridiculous aspects of dealing with the death of her partner. The show balances serious discussions with hilarious perspectives, walking you through life experience, crisps and lingerie.


One of Chortle's 10x10 Top Fringe Shows to See 2013

Sharp, insightful, touching, but above all, very very funny
— Chortle
* * * * - A performance that makes you think as well as laugh
— Broadway Baby