10,000 Decisions and MATING SELECTION in AUSTRALIA!

I will be debuting Mating Selection at Sydney Fringe at The Factory as well as taking 10,000 Decisions to it’s final stop in SYDNEY AUSTRALIA for the Sydney Fringe. I will also be playing loads at The Sydney Comedy Store!

MATING SELECTION (Sydney Fringe Comedy At The Factory)

On August 14, 2018, Robyn Perkins (★★★★1/2 GlamAdelaide) participated in a dating show in front of a live audience. Her experience led her to question human morality and the social constructs of present-day dating, with a scientific twist.

"This show is smart, engaging, fun and funny. Robyn Perkins’s scientific account of potential romantic encounters was utterly riveting, with her audience involved and engaged throughout.” ★★★★ Chortle

"Crafted around an experience straight out of #Edfringe, the ever-witty @robynHperkins combines biology, psychology & charismatic charm to deliver a uniquely informed perspective on morality in the dating world. Funny, genuine, & very clever." ★★★★ Fringe Biscuit

10,000 Decisions at The Sydney Fringe

Good or bad, our decisions make us who we are. American comedian Robyn Perkins uses a series of hilarious personal anecdotes, family stories and neuroscience to come up with a well thought out decision for one anonymous audience member. This SYDNEY FRINGE debut is quirky, thought-provoking and fun, laced with a bit of science.
“Hilariously unapologetic, 10,000 Decisions mixes science with the trivia of life, offering a unique twist on your average stand-up hour. Science has never been so fun.” ★★★★ EdFest Magazine

  • September 13th, 6:30-7:30pm at Fringe HQ. TICKETS

  • September 13th, 6:30-7:30pm at Fringe HQ. TICKETS

  • September 15th, 8:15-9:30pm at City Tattersalls Club: TICKETS

The Sydney Comedy Store & MaGIC MIC

From Tuesday September 10th to Saturday September 21st, I will be playing at The Comedy Store, Brass Monkey, some Comedy Store Showcases and Magic Mic.

Tickets for The Store and their related shows are HERE. Come along and see a load of amazing acts, PLUS it means you don’t have to commit to just me. Not judging anyone who is afraid of commitment. I totally get it.